How To Find The Best Personal Trainer In Cleveland, Ohio

The truth can be confusing. Knowing what is the best fitness plan for YOU and who the best personal trainers in Cleveland are can be incredibly confusing — especially with all of the content on the internet, pictures on social media, articles, magazines, blogs.

Many people will spend years bouncing from one trend to the next, or jumping between workouts plans that they read in an article titled “Get Ripped Quick!” or “5 Exercises to Lose Weight Fast.”

The truth is, there’s no such things as a one-size-fits-all approach to fitness. All of our bodies are different. All of our lifestyles are different. All of our goals are different.

Why Is A Certified Personal Trainer Important?

A personal trainer is someone who is supposed to help you reach your fitness goals — whether for health or personal reasons. They develop a customized plan for YOU and work with YOU through that plan. That’s what they are supposed to do at least.

But again, the truth is that a lot of these so-called personal trainers aren’t even qualified to give you advice in a locker-room, let alone develop a full-blown program to help you meet your specific needs.

Did You Know: Up to 45% of trainers that claim to be certified, are NOT.

This statistic, released by the IDEA Health & Fitness Association, floored me! Wouldn’t it be great if there was some kind of list of questions or red flags that could help you determine if the person you are giving your hard earned money to and basically trusting with your physical well-being was qualified to do so?!

5 Tips To Help You Find The Best Personal Trainer in Cleveland, Ohio

No doubt, there are some good personal trainers in Cleveland. But do you know how to find one? The following tips will help you take all the right steps when it comes to finding the best personal trainer in Cleveland.

1. Not All Certifications Are Created Equal

One of the most important aspects of finding a trainer is to ensure that they are certified. But, you should also keep in mind that not all certifications are created equal. Once you’ve actually asked your potential trainer if they are certified, you need to follow up with what they are certified in, and where is their certification from.

WHAT — The what is important because you don’t want a yoga instructor teaching you to be more athletic and explosive, or a CrossFit instructor (who focus primarily on group training and CrossFit-specific workouts) telling you how to sculpt your particular body-type.

WHERE — The where is important because you shouldn’t be spending your hard earned money and trusting your well-being to someone who received their certification over the weekend by taking an online test. Some well-respected and well recognized associations include:

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

  • National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA, which confers both CPT certifications and CSCS, or Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist)

  • American Council on Exercise (ACE)

  • and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA)

2. What Are Their Clients Saying?

Listen, the proof is in the pudding. Just because your trainer has a well-recognized certification doesn’t mean that they are actually successful at applying what they’ve learned. Ask to see some testimonials, or try to speak with one of their past or present clients.

Your trainer should be able — and willing — to provide names and contact info for clients of your similar age, same gender, and with similar goals to your own. Talk to these people and get the real story.

3. You Are Unique. Is Your Workout?

The main reason you went to a personal trainer in the first place is because you have specific fitness goals that you want to reach, right? So make sure that whatever plan they are putting you on, or the program that they are designing, is specifically for you!

A blanket approach or a recycled plan is not what you are paying for. Make sure they are first asking you what your specific goals are, what areas you are strong/weak in, what injuries/pains should you work around, etc. Then the plan they provide should reflect all of these things.

Don’t trust a trainer who says: “This plan worked great for my other clients; it should be good for you too.” NO! RED FLAG! By definition, a “personal” trainer is meant to give you a personal approach.

4. Avoid Trainers Pushing Industry Buzzwords

Are you talking to a trainer too eager to push their “secret” recipe for success? Steer clear of anyone trying to sell you something other than their services. A lot of times you’ll find trainers with a hidden agenda — they have the “newest and greatest” supplement that just hit the market, and you need to have this in order to get everything you can out of your workout.

Newsflash: There is no secret pill or powder that will help you achieve your results. Any trainer who is trying to shill you a product or diet advice (or is introducing you to their friend, who is trying to sell a “breakthrough” supplement) should be avoided at all costs. Talk about another red flag.

Personal trainers are not nutritionists and they are not dieticians — again, one size does not fit all with nutrition advice. When it comes to nutrition, personal trainers learn the basics, but are not qualified to create a meal plan for their clients. There is nothing wrong with a little advice, as long as it is preempted with: “This is what works for me.”

5. Do They Walk The Talk

Does your trainer look like they are in shape and embrace the fitness lifestyle? I’m not saying they need to be chiseled like a Greek sculpture, but someone who doesn’t at least look the part, is not necessarily someone you would want to take advice from.

You want to learn from someone who can actually complete the workouts that they have prescribed for you, share experiences of their own fitness journey, and take their job seriously by practicing everything that they preach.

The best trainers in Cleveland are the ones who live, eat, sleep and breathe health and fitness. Plus, you’re not going to be motivated to get in the best shape of your life by taking instructions from someone with a gut, right?

Questioning Your Fitness Goals? Fit Legit Training Has The Answer

Ultimately, this choice is up to you and you should never feel like you are being too demanding or too stringent. A qualified professional should be happy that you are doing your research and asking questions. If they have nothing to hide, there should be no problem sitting down with you and going through your list of questions and concerns.

And as you continue in your search for the best trainer in Cleveland, I encourage you to add Fit Legit Training into the mix.

Fit Legit is a strength & conditioning gym located in North Royalton. It’s owned and operated by me, Vincent Qurazzo. I have a Bachelor's Degree from the Ohio State University and I’m certified by the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) as a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). I also holds a certification from the National Council on Strength & Fitness (NCSF) as a Certified Personal Training (CPT).

At Fit Legit, we believe in treating all of our clients like athletes, and helping each person uncover their true athletic potential.

If you'd like to know more about the benefits of having a certified personal trainer or what makes Fit Legit Training different from other Cleveland area strength and conditioning gyms, feel free to contact me by email: